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The exposure of a liar League – My Music Alliance

to give you the exposure of a liar Alliance – My Music Union website: www.ads56.com

webmaster friends are understand that I do not say a few pictures to see you:

this is the payment rules for this station (their trickster slogan):


This is the latest

cheat on the station, that the Commission has been paid to

in February 24th


this is my background image, the settlement date for 2008.2.9 days, and now also shows the settlement audit.


I have repeatedly contact with them, the message does not return, all customer service on the station is only a QQ 758621569 long-term online plus Q does not return (I have never seen on-line)

Telephone and

telephone customer service delivery advertisement is only one: 0159-41283565 is always ringing after "

is busy"The investigation: Liaoning Anshan

telephone address, the server is in Sichuan city of Chengdu Province Telecom

everyone in the Baidu search alliance will see Wu Le liar out of "published in the legend of the lucent Wuyue advertising alliance alliance. Belong to a group of people to open the liar union this post

because I just started advertising alliance, too little experience, I do not know if the search is not Swindlers Company, now know, is to buy a lesson.

hope that friends pay attention to the advertising alliance. If don’t be fooled, and I have the same cheated please.

want to scold liar please.


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