WAP website how profitable

The concept of NASDAQ networks continue to decline, the most direct impact is to make more and more investors are more rational view of network enterprise, carefully look at one of the illusory components contained in the past that the mad chase network shares, wishful thinking that a shovel to dig large gold mentality has been greatly modified, speculative day weak and pragmatic crescendo, enterprises pay more attention to the actual revenue. Simply speaking, patience and tolerance of people long-term losses to enterprise is slowly disappearing, an e company, even if the business model is quite convincing even at first glance, investors may be able to tolerate the pink of perfection, short-term losses, but if not as soon as possible in a short period or in that business in the feasibility of its business model profit, will inevitably make people in business confidence greatly reduced, it is difficult to maintain the survival of enterprises, not to mention the development.

the current domestic China Telecom, China Unicom respectively opened their WAP sites such as Sina, ICP, many NetEase are also involved in the corresponding service in the attractive market prospects incentives, but needless to say, the WAP market is still developing stage, whether it is mobile phone manufacturers, China Telecom, China Unicom and other operators or to WAP content providers it is so; from the revenue point of view, mobile phone manufacturers can certainly guarantee profits, China Telecom and China Unicom and other operators of income is more substantial, so, WAP website? China Telecom and China Unicom built WAP site can through the communication with the Internet to get survival and development, and provide the original content in fixed network ICP, penetrate into the wireless network, find feasible profit point and put into practice is an urgent problem to be solved, after all the business completely hope in the future, depending on the risk investment is impossible to survive.

WAP > Second, Internet access and transmission


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