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Stay at home to do Witkey online gold monthly income of over 10000 yuan


      what is Witkey, how to make money? If you don’t understand this, in the modern college students, you can "OUT". For a lot of technical knowledge, the minds of the students, no pocket money, playing on Witkey handymen, has become their normal life, and even become the first occupation of some strong.


many students do online Witkey gold

15 thousand yuan to do glasses design. 10 yuan, plus $10 thousand bonus." In the name of a pig Witkey website, mission hall has just posted a number 13543 reward task, 8617 Witkey soon go around talent pool, inquiry, attention and discussion, 149 Witkey registration immediately.

this price is high, the requirements of the design of optical and sunglasses style, fashion, fashion, creative, suitable for Asian faces, women’s glasses legs to use pop elements, diamond accessories. Attract many Witkey, in addition to reward high, design with return is also very attractive: if the winning works, not only have the opportunity to become a product design, but also to participate in the Shanghai International glasses exhibition.

in the size of the domestic Witkey website, Witkey task reward is updated every day, the number of amazing, content is more of a wide variety. Design to technology, such as web, LOGO, animation, cartoon character design, packaging and enterprise VI; also the database development, including the development of a system or program, modify the program; some are more creative, for example, to the enterprise name, write copy, a golden idea; some is purely odd jobs, for example. Call the specified phone, call 1 times 2 yuan.

with the ability to earn money, rely on the ability to eat, as long as the task can be completed within the specified time, not only to be able to get the appropriate remuneration, but also to learn technology, make friends. The Internet to do odd jobs, Witkey quickly gained popularity among college students.


no boss can do what they like

at 10:30 in the morning, 24 year old Dell open my eyes up, opened the computer, log on Witkey website. "You have to find a job, or you don’t have enough money to pay the rent." The small side began to stare at the edge of the valley at the search information screen. Do not wash, without breakfast, he began his day’s work.

Dell was born in 1985, the typical 80, graduated from Henan University of Technology, majoring in advertisement design last year. Just graduated, want free life, he rented a room in the Chen Village, unemployed. Listen to the students after the introduction, he started looking for a job to earn money Witkey, solve the rent and food and other basic needs. "Do a simple thing to be able to earn a hundred dollars, I often do leaflets or inserts." Dell said, an intermediate power guest net, if his work is deleted, the customer will remit to Cheng Fu Bao, Witkey extraction 30% intermediary fee. >


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