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Some ways to improve the effectiveness of the site

if you just started to do, but also to do a site that is not familiar with their own site, the site’s IP and PV ratio of two. The reason for this problem is that your site experience is not high. Such a problem, the direct result of the site is to reduce revenue, or simply no income. Why do you say that, I’ll give you an example. When a person enters the shop, after a glance at the store, he will probably go out. If the person goes in and starts to look around, the person may be spending. This is the reason we do. I hope that we can let customers click on a few pages, so that we can attract customers to the maximum extent, and let him pay to buy our things.

              information site for pictures, novels, site, especially the content of particularity, although PV is also very high, but the income is not necessarily high, this is a special case. Not in the scope of today’s discussion. The maximum amount of a web site is generally concentrated in the home page, promotional pages are also focused on the home page. So want to seize the customer retention time, it is necessary to work on the home page design. This is the facade effect. Our ancients already in this note, the brothel door in ancient times, there must be a beautiful girl who gave the past only (wealth) children ogle, straight or rely on the past, with the body seduce each other. Why use brothel prostitutes? Because that is the core value of the brothel, customers are here to find the girl. What is the core value of the site, you can use what to soliciting. Miss will be dressed to the nines, but also learn to packaging products. But remember, do not excessive packaging, this ratio must be grasped, or you will give customers a negative emotion". He came in to find a beautiful woman, you use a beautiful picture to attract him, there is no beauty to him, give him a dinosaur sister, the consequences will be very serious. Diandaqike no reason, a small shop and coax, some attention to this point.

              network, is the title of the Party of the times, but also an era of information flooding, but do not look at what other people use, what they use on the  . You have to know whether it is good to do that, he is to learn from him, or to test their own as well, and then find out the most appropriate way to promote their own. Said in front of a lot, but also a lot of nonsense, very chaotic ah… Now try to clarify some clear. Website home page will have three core values. The three point is the most easy to attract customers. First, the theme of the site; two, web site navigation; three, the first page of the content is very important, you tell me what the site is doing. The second is to allow users to choose, he has a basic understanding of what your site is doing, you guide


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