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when you start to register on a website, you can carefully read the site give you all the news, but as time goes on, you must be tired, because you simply need so many mixed content. I think every netizen has a deep feeling about it. Those who have no relation with you at those photos, one hundred and eight thousand miles away from you, you have so much time to pay attention to? The answer is no..

only you know better than anyone else what you want to share, what to read and what to say. Last week, Backstitch launched a service that automatically integrates all your data and services into a friendly interface. It’s sort of like a private schedule, and you keep all of your personal data on this platform.


is your social data, or newsletter, the collection site had been organized into the platform, you have to do is direct consumption, because all you do not love the are filtered out. Many experts said that Backstitch for the site from the content of chaos to facilitate consumption, facilitate the evolution of this management has made a great contribution.

Backstitch keeps all of your content in text, pictures, and even physical models, so that your information can be displayed more clearly. At the same time, it also makes your site more personalized by way of:

location search

price limit

social filtering

additionally, it is worth noting that the news from all over the world to the various sites of the news, the information is scattered, and even fragmented. We can see that the isolation of each site is a status quo. Backstitch also saw this, it tried to fill this hole, so that these sites are running a unified standard.

article source: Starcup


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