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Summary only a year of dry cargo failure of the venture entrepreneurs can tell you the story

In fact,

early in the writing, but is not openly discussed in particular the winding up of the company in two is to write a will offend some people, but think carefully if you did not write down, may still want a lot of brothers detours, burning themselves, we lit it.

many brothers venture out, regardless of success or failure, is a good thing, you’ll grow defeat, to the satisfaction of all the.

at the beginning of a sentence is: entrepreneurship is not gambling, but to build a house, a person does not exist, everyone is starting from the basic step by step, genius is just a few years earlier than you started to accumulate. There is no shortcut, from the beginning of this road is destined to be a desert trip, do not expect relaxed and happy.


one, angel investment

The first hurdle is met many brothers

, no money.

so here’s the question of angel investment.

gun a few, a few brothers, there are directions, but no money. Then 80% of the people to look for investment, or investment.

fool, why let someone else pay for your future?

investment, regardless of who voted, are to return, the investor with the same banker, sunny umbrella, rain umbrella, has always been the case, don’t expect any investor can timely assistance, the investor’s money is not blowing in the wind, they still have to be responsible for the investor.

if the investor said "keep in touch", then do not wait, the game is short-term, or investors to observe you really want to vote for you, will be the signature card for the week.

if you can not get the investment, then opened his own dry tighten their belts for the game practitioners, not investment, you can see the opportunity, don’t waste time, and quickly opened a dry, dry to the game shelves, assuming the right direction, somewhat exposed, some people will vote.

dry, etc., do not come any investment, but also allow investors to doubt your motives.

example: I am out of business in November 2012, looking over the 80+ investors, no one cares, May 2013 Appstore game, a week after the third pay list, pulled investment.

another question is, who took the money

there are several investors (or institutions)

a, regular body

such as IDG, innovative workshops such as

A class of

the types of institutions are the most reliable, the paperwork ready, forensic financial backup architecture and more, you do not need to worry about, very good reputation, many brothers and businesses.

said shortcomings, is the weak will not save you, you help you fly.

but summary, for ordinary entrepreneurs, non XX department, non-listed company executives, take >


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