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Who is free and you in order of arrival nternet entrepreneurs have a sense of crisis

relative to traditional industries, Internet entrepreneurs need to have a sense of crisis. Most of the time, we used to pay attention to "in order of arrival", "promotion according to status"…… In fact, too much of the bright younger generation turned out, for example, Yu Jiawen, Ma Jiajia 90 entrepreneurial star is known as a powerful and unconstrained style of personalized hitherto unknown business. "The Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach." In the Internet world, entrepreneurship must have a sense of crisis, there is no qualification points, because a little attention may be beyond.


"out" is not terrible, terrible is to be out of touch with reality

era of information explosion, the world is changing with each passing day, the change is too fast, we can not be in every field is a prophet, so to some extent, we are to varying degrees, the laggards". However, as the "out" is not terrible, terrible is, not to live in comfort, be out of touch with reality, limited outlook. Do not step into the future pace, the pasturin rhythm is Internet entrepreneurs crisis and taboo.

dare to do, success is more willing to favor the "actor"

many times, people who dare to dream and dare to realize their dreams have the right to succeed. Don’t look down upon all the little things you do on your hands, and make them beautiful enough to make a difference in the future. Although it is "who’s youth is not confused," but you are often confused only one reason: it is in the effort to go to the old age, too much, too little. It seems that the idea of "unrealistic", as long as you do it attentively, to become a "actor", then it is not far from success.

heroes out of the five, boil word theorem may also be outdated

said that "many years daughter-in-law Aocheng woman" in the mature, traditional enterprises, a person’s ability to quickly be reflected in a short time, from planning to implementation, and to the market reaction, needs a long process and time. Especially in the implementation level, if there is no good cooperation with each link, but also can be empty talk and fantasy. Even if your talent again cow force, you can slowly, slowly, in front of the old staff did not go up, how can you get a new run up yilaomailao who meet the eye everywhere?. But in the Internet business, free third party platform everywhere, as long as you are not afraid of data leakage, every minute can find several ready-made, thoughts and ideas can be easily implemented, overnight is not a myth. In addition, the "hero died Wu", in the Internet business, convenient, fair and transparent nature is to let a lot of people may be in the second in the market competition and the rapid growth of talent shows itself.

efficiency first, you are longer than the time is too OUT

in Internet Co, especially entrepreneurial Internet Co, more competition is efficiency and effectiveness, rather than a long time. At this time, who also stressed that "who is on in order of arrival", "


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