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How to apply to join the Google AdSense advertising alliance

Click the link to enter the application Google adsence advertising address:

information website

web site: write one of your main website.
Language: General Chinese simplified

contact information

account type: personal or business
! Important – after submitting the application, you can’t change your payee name or country / region. Make sure that the information you entered is correct. The name of the payee (
(including telephone area code)
product selection

products: silent tick


AdSense applicants must agree to comply with the AdSense plan policy, all tick

login information

email address: be sure to fill in the correct! For you, is your login account password:
to enter the password again:   />

probably wait two days or so, if you submit the application information through the audit, the Google AdSense team will send mail to you prior to fill in the mailbox, notify your Google AdSense application has been approved. The email will also tell you some basic steps: the first step: to enable the account, the second step: paste the AdSense code to your web page, the third step: view the results; there are some important notes".

three, login settings, access to Google promotion code,
Google started to put AdSense into AdSense content, AdSense search and advertising promotion. AdSense content is displayed on your website unique advertising content advertising; AdSense search is to provide personalized color Google search, Web search for your users at the same time, through their search terms related to advertising revenue; promotion is recommended by users to useful products and services to obtain income.
Enter "AdSense settings" column, select what you want to add to the products on the website. AdSense content ads can be set "ad"


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