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At the occasion of entrepreneurs can not know the future change of 10 T Enterprises

review: "about the enterprise IT, the upcoming change. Companies to buy, build, manage and optimize the IT infrastructure to ensure that information security is undergoing tremendous changes in the way." The author Matt Murphy is a general partner of venture capital firm KPCB, focused on mobile and cloud computing infrastructure investment in the field of technology.

cloud computing to big data analysis, and then to the ubiquitous mobile connection, enterprise IT system is becoming faster, more efficient, lower operating costs, easier to use. In the process, some new technology companies are emerging to challenge existing companies in the market.

venture capital firms invest more in enterprise computing than ever before. In the first 6 months of 2014 alone, the field attracted a record $5 billion 400 million in investment. A number of Companies in the industry, such as Workday, Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, ServiceNow and Splunk completed the scale of billions of dollars of IPO (initial public offering), further ignited the enthusiasm of the market. The next few quarters, there will be a number of Companies in this field to complete the listing.

is the 10 important trend to change the enterprise computing market:

1 Cloud Computing: according to Morgan Stanley data, there are nearly 1/3 of the work done by the cloud computing platform. Cloud computing is so powerful, because users can easily invest more resources into a particular application, without having to purchase additional hardware. Need more capacity your cloud computing service provider can immediately bring you these.

2 all Virtualization: virtualization technology will be dispersed into a unified server pool of computing resources, but also easy to adjust. Server virtualization is very successful, so the enterprise IT departments can achieve all virtualization through data centers, including networking, information security, and storage services, etc..


3 new IT buyers: decision makers to buy IT services have moved from the CIO office and IT staff to the general staff in the sales, marketing and finance sectors. Smart phones and cloud computing technology is developing rapidly, and to achieve a bottom-up popularity, which brings new opportunities for IT service providers. These service providers are facing more buyers, who are more willing to spend money, more willing to try.

With the rise of Internet sales channels, more and more enterprises are reducing their dependence on sales staff in the process of business development,

4. This will help companies to quickly deliver products to the user, and before the construction of the sales team to test market demand.

5 "first floor and then expand" sales model: enterprise market oriented companies are imitating consumer software companies to provide customers with free


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