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How do the Taobao customer marketing success Wangzhuan

with the development of the network, shop constantly, because Taobao’s low cost, simple operation, Taobao seems to be the best platform for guest webmaster wangzhuan. Such as Baidu alliance, Google promotion, dangdang.com, VANCL, that today and share the success of Taobao how to do Wangzhuan guest.

1 first registered Taobao guest

this is very simple, open the alimama’s home page, an account can be registered, there is no limit, you can immediately use, you can enter the background of the union.

2 Taobao guest skills

first, the promotion of the time don’t be too greedy, not a one-time promotion of many products, unable to concentrate, to do a product, so give users the impression will be deep, to know how to use the user experience. Secondly, some unscrupulous stores to promote it, to choose a reputable shop, look at each shop is not really a commodity for sale, to prevent unscrupulous businessmen meet. Finally, do not only put forward a high commodity, these products tend to be relatively high prices, members generally do not buy, began to consider the performance is greater than the proposed line. In addition to the relative management loopholes, but there is a certain market commodity, not herd, to choose their own products you have to stick with it.

3 Taobao promotion model

SEO who want to choose a suitable promotion methods. A good sales method is used by a lot of people, the effect can be imagined, so Taobao webmaster to choose according to their own web site a good method. Some webmaster soft text to write good, like to go to Admin5, Chinaz site to send soft wen. Some webmasters like the forum post, it is going to like admin5.com, zzbaike.com forum to post. The webmaster remember is not every method to use, can be used with each method is not fine, this idea is not realistic. There are many ways to promote the blog, Wen Q & a promotion, Taobao customers to promote their own, it depends on how to choose the webmaster.

4 Taobao customer mentality

to do a certain period of time before Taobao customers will not have income, but can not give up, the mentality is the root of success, to have a firm goal. It takes time to mature, and this time is to give you, if you do not want to pay, it will be nothing. What Taobao needs is time, money, and brains. If you can do with your mentality to make money, then you are half success.

if Taobao guest SEO can do the above points, you are also a half of the success of the diffuse, and I hope the webmaster can find their own Taobao customer marketing experience, do the best to do the profits of Taobao customers.

this article starts A5. Author: strontium. Reproduced please indicate the source!


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