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An unexpected way to open a new way of Wangzhuan

this is indeed an accident. Remember that when Douding just born (I also forget what time), probably at the beginning of the 09 year or 08 years at the end of the year. I registered in. Initially just curious to see. Then in the 09 year of May because I want to graduate, this thesis will find on the Internet every day, just to find a Douding, but to buy and download fees, with Alipay prepaid 5 yuan to buy and download the modified print, this thesis will fix. I think 5 dollars to buy things can not be wasted, just set a price of 0.5 yuan to continue to put in douding. Think of someone to buy the best, no one buy does not matter. Maybe a year or so when Douding account has a few cents to go after what is missing data on the province prepaid money.

in recent days I Email always receive Douding letter, the title is nothing less than "your document is purchased"


I think, at this time the formal college graduates, need a lot of graduation thesis. Wouldn’t it be nice if we spent 2 days finishing a lot of graduation forums?…… I don’t need to say more.

think again, this method should pay attention to the following points:

price is not too high, too high no one to buy. Do not be too low, too low no profit. Personal opinion can be regarded as the scarcity of information and practical pricing in 2-10 yuan. After all, our cost is just the cost of time. Scarce, must be scarce. You find the resources casually in the other papers download site to search a lot, people also buy you? If you itself is or was the best student. Because you know what the students want. This white is said to stand in the buyer’s perspective.

Don’t forget to upload

in the title and label set some related words, this is "the Douding SEO"

OK, the way to say it, I’m going to find a paper ~

PS: this method can be extended…… Think for yourself

this article for the "network to make money a day paste" original, reproduced please famous copyright and original address.


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