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Wangzhuan forum should be how to develop good survival strategy

rarely come to Admin5, have come around today, see a lot of good articles, on a whim, I share some experience for the construction of Wangzhuan forum.

remember 2006, was fortunate to come into contact with some domestic Wangzhuan project, but most domestic projects need the help of other platforms to post, promotion, I believe many domestic projects just contact friends must also have such experience. At that time there have been many more well-known Forum (that the whole industry is in a very hot Wangzhuan stage). After a period of learning and started diving, and friends together for a forum (forum at the time, noble) or three level domain name, because not familiar with the entire Wangzhuan industry, did not dare to easily invest in space domain, after all, limited funds. It was not until 2007 that the domain name. Of course, a personal experience built altar is a long story, every webmaster have different feeling sad. Here I will focus on the individual operating experience, hoping to participate in the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan industry some inspiration, and also welcome criticism.

intentions man, careful to do stand, grasp the positioning is the key

very early to see some articles, said to stand as a man, this sentence is believed to be cited numerous times. In different industries, as long as you are a webmaster, it must have a lot of mission, carry lots of responsibility, even at the expense of something. Especially now Wangzhuan industry has been very messy, all kinds of projects can emerge in an endless stream especially in the domestic, Wangzhuan project, basic does not have a standard. Compared to many foreign operations, there is still a distance. For 3 years, I have always said to myself, to do a forum is like a ship, the ship is a cruise ship or a freighter, depends entirely on each of their own starting point. Why do you stand in the domain name, the purchase of space at the moment, whether it will consider how long it will take on this road? Or just play, try?

I want to say is, positioning is the key to life is more important". Take my present forum, keyword positioning is: perseverance, your service, your wangzhuan. This is a key word in the previous months. Some accompanying forum grow old members of my QQ, said this position is very consistent now forum position, after three years of a lot of Wangzhuan forum fell, many people have seen the survival problem Wangzhuan forum. Can you survive the forum will be docked in the harbor, so insist, insist, insist on is very important, the first positioning forum is to insist, is a reflection of my personal enthusiasm, to cause a higher persistence. Of course, I am also your valuable, for 3 years the forum, consider whether the webmaster to redraw their keywords, make an adjustment for their own forum? If you each month, even every year to change your position, I can say that you are a failure. Each location is a symbol of a brand strength, should be accurate judgment after the stick. I used to try to find the location of the forum, but finally I


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