have passion for Wangzhuan Olympic Edition

this month and received 4 GG account transfer, has forgotten how many times this is a successful collection. Back to my 2 years of experience in Wangzhuan, then borrow a paper filled with a thousand regrets, Xiaowen, thank the friends of the high gold content to stand so much, thank you Google, thank you very much for the era of network".

I went to university in Guangdong, the home economy is more constraints, no computer, typing in that second year also will not look at others in typing, feeling he is awesome. Do summer workers earn in Guangzhou by 05 years, and then finally put all sorts of things together with a computer.

two months time I learned to surf the Internet, learn to type, learn the basic computer operating skills. Electronic business class, the teacher said, the network is almost omnipotent, I would like to let me make money network. Go back after I search "make money online" opened the curtain of my Wangzhuan life.


began to realize "go", he told me that the network can be a lot of ways of making money, he can do to earn money. Finally, a teacher with, and do not need tuition, then there is a feeling called moved. He taught me the way to make money by clicking on foreign e-mail, when the click to reach a certain amount, the amount accumulated to 8880 U.S. dollars can be paid. Then I realized I was his downline, and 10 days after his amount of up to 8880 of the time did not receive the so-called commission.


was introduced to Wang Tong, Wang Tong told me the registration point and click can play not really, really want to make the best long-term stability of Google or Adsense, but to do this project must have a website. One direction is exceptionally strong. After a month I basically mastered the basic site technology.

I asked Wang Tong, "where is the best place to buy


Wang Tong said "the most famous is" civilink ‘, the most stable service space is the best "network era"


I chose to choose million net, the largest known must be right. My website launched soon, and then put on the GG, Wang Tong in the show and his hard work, the background of the income from the beginning of the day 1 Click to later hundreds of hits, the kind of joy than to eat the honey still sweet, soon back soon 100 knife amount. It is really unpredictable weather, the site suddenly changed very slowly, and on the Google view contains malicious plug-ins. That time is almost a day without a click, the background is basically stagnant. Just looking for a solution when the GG account is K, because the account clicks abnormal, God, I really jumped into the Yellow River also wash out.

later learned that this is caused by the instability of the space, and all customer communication is invalid, I angrily select ‘times’ comeback. With the warning, the second became known. After half a month, the account is full of 100 knives, to apply for payment, May 2006 >


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