The basic steps of website construction!

The basic steps of website construction!

to the construction site, we should have made the site in accordance with the reasonable working process, so that we can improve our efficiency, reduce the error. Although the construction of any web site will not have one, with a fixed pattern, but the most basic steps we should still adhere to, you say right?

determine the theme of the site, plans to publish content. The general personal homepage can choose the site according to their own hobbies or some hot topic themes, such as the popularity of medical knowledge, to provide literature information, learning computer technology, or simply sell yourself to the world and so on.

to create the site navigation structure

this step is the design of the overall framework of the site. Pay attention to the basic structure of the site, the link between the page should be clear, at the same time to take into account the scalability of the future, in order to prepare for the website and development.

include: site logo, background images, pictures and buttons need to show the contents of the website. The ability to prepare their own web site to create the necessary content, in this, you will be more involved in many mapping, mapping, image processing, three-dimensional animation, etc.. This requires you to broaden the perspective of knowledge. Of course, you can find a professional artist to design, you can also collect relevant information through a variety of channels, pay attention to the use of other people’s information and articles, the candidates have the consent of the other, and indicate the author and source.

organization of documents and data, specific web pages

should design a web page structure in the web page, which need to design several columns and blocks. Most websites use a table to layout a web page, and can also be combined with a form to complete. General production of the first page should be the home page, the home page is the essence of the whole site collection. For web makers, the home page is the most difficult and the most time spent. To create a consistent style of the site, you need to create templates, etc..

test site

create web site can be tested first in the local browser compatibility check site has links to other possible mistakes.

application domain name and homepage space

if it is a large enterprise, abundant funds, can apply for a dedicated service to the post office. You need to build your own machine.


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