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Google Adsense blog Wangzhuan novice experience

just looked at the Admin5 article, suddenly there is a kind of impulse to write the original, then, I hope that this impulse will give me the same as the novice webmaster to bring a little money harvest. Cold night station time is not long, but it is not the kind of dedication of the webmaster. After all, money to buy space, buy a domain name, and every day most of the time is spent on site management, so the website included, keyword ranking, website traffic, how many of these parameters of the night "is also a kind of affirmation, especially Google Adsense income! For the novice webmaster, how to make the GOOGLE


first, the site should have a full content will attract more visitors (and not the acquisition of the kind of multi), is the so-called department store welcomes hundreds of passengers.

two, how much to understand some of the knowledge of SEO and so on, good not to say, at least to know how to do it will not be Baidu or Google K station, K station means that at least half of the traffic lost it.

three, if the technical type of Web site advertising costs will be lower than the information category, news, entertainment website, because the latter several types of Web site visitors easily click on advertising.

four, Google Adsense optimization of the text, the price is always higher than the picture of the unit price of the picture, because it is easy to click on the picture of the advertising price of course, will be lower than the text of some of the 1. 2, high prices tend to appear on the top of the page, according to the Google Adsense statistics to adjust the position of the ad and change the location of advertising. 3, the article around the inner circle of advertising must be inserted into the text ads, because the text will be content with the content of the article as a whole, easy to click and the price is high. 4, each section of the article in the newline ads, sidebar or not easily click on the position recommended by the image ads, if the position is enough to use big images to attract visitors attention and click. 5, the advertisement code optimization: This is very simple, the ad title and link colors set within the site link color or blue color and text advertising website text color to be consistent, do not use the default font advertising, with medium or large font size. 6, placed in the vicinity of the ad code keyword related links, so that Google Adsense according to your request to display the desired content.

summary: some novice webmaster may be very impatient, why my advertising costs are so low, in accordance with the method of cold food night or low price how to place ads? GOOGLE will put the same high priced ads on weight high website, reason is because they do not trust to the railway station, if the novice webmaster first two months three months can every day to earn $1, then half a month or 1 years after you Google Adsense costs should be for you to eat and drink



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