2010 beware of common scam Wangzhuan novice

09 years away, took away a little sad, a little pain, perhaps you are immersed in the past everything, but, in the face of the arrival of 2010, what should we prepare.

this year is an unusual year, because there are too many unusual things. In 2010, it is the age of the Internet, in the Internet times, you have to consider how to cheat? Today sesame seeds here are some common scam, help you in the new year, can be very good to prevent deception.

onhook day to earn one hundred yuan

this is not a new trick, but is still listed, because, in 2010, he will not decline. Because he took advantage of people’s greed and laziness. They are generally sold 88 yuan a set of tutorials, the price is not expensive, some people feel that you can operate, so they bought a tutorial.

secret: in fact, they are generally let you hang up the league, and so you have enough money to mention the amount, and then sealed your number. Tell you, because you do not have a domain name, and then you have to spend 188 to buy a website where he, if you do not buy, then pull black, very bad attitude.

first make money after payment

such projects generally have gorgeous packaging, to give you a variety of commitments, you only need to complete a small task, you can get a tutorial, and then you can earn much. Wait until the day to earn a hundred dollars, and then find them pay.

secret: in fact they is the use of marketing model, let you continue to help him complete the task, to help him promotion, and you get the tutorial, but also let you go to a site like him such a cycle, the current project has been running for more than 1 months, but has almost spread. At present, many of the two models to carry out the packaging to continue to deceive the site, so please pay attention to the housework.

380 yuan to buy a domain name or software, point advertising to make money

site is generally so that you buy a domain name, or how much money to pay for the use of the software, or to buy space, etc.. In short, is to collect your money. Usually 380, or about $560. After the success of the purchase, the price per click is generally 10 Fen, one day can earn 30-50.

secret: in fact, this is the cost of cheating that domain name. Similar to the rise of the risk fund for a long time, but the packaging is very tight, in fact, the evolution of the fund version. At present, there are a lot of ads to make money projects, most of them are true. Just pay the cost is relatively low, generally pay 1 cents, or even lower. At present, this site is relatively few, such as 58task.com, are true, history is relatively long. But the rest is hard to judge. Is not the site to take away most of the profits, but the site itself is not very high profit, it is impossible to pay 10 Fen, etc.


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