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On Post Bar from Baidu and get to know the flow of money


Wangzhuan varied, some look is simple but very practical method, but almost all Wangzhuan is timely, and get traffic from Baidu Post Bar know also has timeliness, the most effective method is 5 years ago, now Baidu is strict, but it is ineffective, simple, beginners can refer to, see if you can learn to some ideas.

introduce, first to the self-help website for a small website for free, this small site is added with the function of advertising, advertising and add some pop hits on alliance advertising in small website, not good-looking, requires only hits, but when the site is attached to a will level 2 or 3 level domain name, and then the flow into the small website, how to lead flow, to collect the keywords, keywords to flow, index of more than 1000, some of the sites such as happy net domain name, get the love stand up to check the Baidu ranking, will show the keywords and the search volume, select keywords standard is to choose the search volume but very popular, some word search volume is close to ten thousand but no value, can only put the window to earn some money, that’s all we want Words, there is no competition, then choose some good posts to attract people, and apply to the free small web site, sent to Post Bar and know you can, if you are sent to Post Bar on, don’t forget the top post, there are 2 good posts you top, a message will not sink the other is a post, often the top weight will be higher, convenient post in Baidu ranking. After a few days you see this post in Baidu has no ranking, if ranked in the top three, then the flow is coming, to flow more words, do more keywords, this project is so simple.


sent to Baidu and Baidu Post Bar know it, it is for some high weight of the chain, is not, on the Post Bar is in favor of ranking, you know Post Bar weight is very high, you will find in Baidu when the inside pages of some big websites ranked higher than some PR3 PR4 or the front page of the site, the reason is a large pages within the website Baidu will give relatively high weight, Baidu has stated that at this point. Another stick and know that there is a good ranking on Baidu, we see. As for whether there will be traffic, of course, there will be, remember about 4-5 years ago, I posted on the post bar about 3-4 small site links, an hour to bring me 200 ip. Post Bar traffic is huge, you do not worry about this.

the project is not very good, in fact, some disadvantages too, the main drawback is that Baidu tube Yan, you made a few posts with links, then Baidu will send manual review your post, Baidu Post Bar and know now is like this, you just wait until tomorrow, or for the IP, and you have the right to Post Bar administrator and letter of your IP, this is the biggest threat. As for the Post Bar listserv. I’d never tried, but really want to be mass then this Wangzhuan project will be a good project. < >


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