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Several ways to promote the realization of Taobao customers to make money

now mom for Taobao customer management is more and more strict, this is not some time ago to put a lot of Taobao customer account unified investigation, that Taobao customers have suspected of cheating, this shows that in the future Taobao off the road to success becomes more narrow, of course, also let us see the guest in the future to Taobao fair competition, as long as you have the strength to do so, Taobao customers can succeed, let the author introduce several successful promotion methods Taobao guest website! Because the website promotion is successful, will naturally flow with the flow, as long as the note of a few traffic conversion rate is very easy to be able to give you earn money wealth


: a blog and micro-blog promotion, now this way has been extended from micro-blog above, of course, promotion of the blog is still quite good results, such as the us to the NetEase, Sohu, iResearch, Baidu website blog column, and then the table some blogs on blogs, it is best to promote their Taobao customers the soft, this is very easy to make these soft rankings in Baidu pages, especially to promote the Baidu space, this can be done effectively


two: Forum promotion, now the promotion effect is poor, it is not recommended, of course, if some have very good forum resources, but also can send some poster, it is best to use


three: to promote the use of their own website, do Taobao customers will have a lot of personal webmaster website, if possible, can be quite good in other traffic website the way to promote your own Taobao guest website, this is a kind of mutual use of the relationship, just like as a chain help!,

affinity search engine!

four: learn SEO optimization for Taobao to do guest website, because Taobao is mainly to the passenger flow, and now for the Baidu site K Taobao customers more powerful, so in the optimization of the process should pay attention to the various matters, to avoid excessive optimization, especially keywords cannot pile of masonry, the construction of the chain and chain the content should be gradual, can not be a comprehensive collection, not only do Taobao off site need to do so, is to do the ordinary site so it is


five: the construction of friends of the chain and the chain is not small, some people say that the chain for the emperor was a little good, in fact, a chain is outside the chain, but the chain is very important, so a separate way, exchange chain also has a lot of skills that need attention for example, as far as possible and not low weight websites do not exchange, and K swap chain! Usually require only 20 to 30, but the chain is the more the better


six: station group promotion, if there are a lot of your site, then it is very easy to promote success, now a lot of industry website a lot of local subdivision industry site, forming a station group, so the content and information explosion site, but also for the promotion of the site! This is the station group the promotion effect of



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