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Ma Yunjian platform, Nishitani talent, open up the e-commerce industry chain

Chen Liang, the famous China IT circle, Wuhan Internet Club planning, since 08 years later, his heart China transformation operation to build the largest network marketing portal – West Valley (www.cimgoo.com), after five years of hard work, the West has begun to take shape, become a professional platform for network marketing training, business cooperation, investment and financing, business cooperation.

as a veteran of the network marketing industry, what he thought, let us share Chen Liang’s dream".

asked: you founded Valley network marketing portal is the original


: actually, it’s about my own experience. I’m an old man IT, from the University during the period of observation and practice, I have been engaged in the Internet, a year after graduating from established IT network (formerly West Valley Valley).

After the start of

had short, experienced the brilliant, who led the team of more than and 30 people, the monthly profit exceeded 100 thousand, breaking the personal webmaster a year profit myth, has been a Alibaba, webmaster magazine, Chutian golden newspaper and other media as a typical IT business pioneers made relevant special reports. But in the 08 years of economic crisis, let me encounter in Waterloo, not only wiped out all the savings and loan repayment of wages, 7 years of debt, and then his girlfriend broke up, let me several times to initiation of suicidal thoughts. However, the charm of the Internet lies in the ability to change the world, I think, there must be a number of companies like me in the financial crisis or death, with the help of Internet marketing, we must be the way out!

based on this idea, and before the operation of the site experience, I’m all re positioning the Westfold, at the same time I found a lot of people are doing business in Taobao, but with more and more sellers do e-commerce competition is increasingly fierce, the key is to promote your shop, which requires a number of professional talent for network marketing. However, many shop owners on the network marketing is not professional, or lack of skills, I think, can not do a talent exchange learning garden, then after a lot of investigation found that such a demand is very strong, so I have the spirit of "Ma Jianping, Nishitani talent" thought, will Valley Network transformation. Now, the Internet has become the marketing professionals for learning exchanges, gathering projects, cooperation and financing.

asked: do you think the west is a site like


Valley is a network marketing portal, "for the enterprise network marketing and personnel assistance" for the purpose, the popularity of Internet marketing knowledge transfer network marketing, network marketing talent aggregation.

at present, valley network marketing portal has a variety of network marketing, network marketing information, network marketing strategy, plan, site operations, shop management, business development, brand marketing and other business sectors, as well as the IT party, network marketing, network > Encyclopedia of knowledge


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