How to plan the studio in 2013

many second tier city, simple website construction of the war has become more and more intense, personal, studio, Internet companies have joined to the market and customers have a great impact, then as a studio we, how to use the time to reach a new year, to meet the challenges of the 2013? Here are a few road once Ping planning studio.

1 marketing cannot do without the phone, but do not recommend regular telephone sales, now customers experience more, after all we will resent this, so that each phone a few minutes before analysis, found the net present value from their point of view, the usual experience to play, so as to reduce the failure rate, but also give yourself a lot of confidence. During the new year, you can first analyze some of the intention of customers for the coming year to prepare.

2 network business. Our company website occasionally from the client on the phone, if the studio Ping has now, the website ranking dropped for a long time, does not come, what shall we do? And spend the new year to redo a half a month of time can be optimized, maybe years later a new ranking is also good. Online to customers this basically can win, so conservative way US or do not let go of any fish.

3 with holiday analysis of their range of services, should not be extended? Or give up some unnecessary business? A lot of business for the benefit of the company very little, but in the late service spent a lot of time, such a thing can not be taken into account, why not go to find new business. General network company, the business is basically the same, so, how to let competitors to imitate your business, do not let you harm the interests, which requires a very clever way, future articles will be mentioned.

analysis of 4 studio overall situation, what are the conservative route, which can expand the line, ensure the environment under the influence of any studio work, outsourcing, introduction, online, then take the initiative to expand the volume of business.

above is flat studio analysis of the 4 points, I hope to bring some ideas to the studio.


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