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Entrepreneurial success need to get up early look at the rest time T chiefs


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said that in an enterprise, the high level and play more of a phenomenon early coordinate curve type, that is to say, a start into the workplace all have a certain level of sleepiness, began to rise, with the level of increase, up time is also more and more early, to the high level. Began sleeping.

is it really? At least in our opinion, whether it is forced to "not only high or most willing to," "people do not sleeping, but they are not up early to bed and early to describe appropriate, because they will not get up early, early to bed. This is not about Thomas Andy, Benjamin Franklin does not love to sleep but will let you see the story, in the well-known enterprises especially the IT enterprise spiritual head of these "super high" level people have much. The Hurun Research Institute has published a "Chinese millionaires brands tend to report", visited more than 500 at least qianwanji Regal, which showed the rich the average working day of 6.6 hours of sleep, 30% billionaires working less than 6 hours of sleep. So, you want to succeed in a friend, may wish to imitate the time to start working with these chiefs.

domestic articles:

1 Tencent board chairman and CEO Ma Huateng

created the penguin empire of Ma Huateng, in the hundreds of millions of people to change life style at the same time, also at the expense of their own time. The Tencent’s employees to the boss’s schedule are suffering before 12 a.m., Ma Huateng often does not work, can always find a lot of problems to give feedback to the relevant person in charge, you had to accompany, to solve the problem together, until late at night. Even Ma Huateng’s parents are often affected, Ma Huateng’s mother, said, "the more successful a child, the harder the parents". Ma Huateng has a successful career, but we have to take care of him in his life, his father had to give him a hot clothes after retirement. Because the work and rest time is not the same, we also have to wait for him until midnight, there was a time when his father because of waiting for him, actually fell asleep on the sofa, had a bad cold."

2 HUAWEI CEO Ren Zhengfei

for Ren Zhengfei, the biggest challenge is the leather of his own life, the most powerful gene is HUAWEI he implanted, HUAWEI is the, is HUAWEI. He is a typical workaholic, career far more important than the family. In HUAWEI, there is a kind of " mattress culture " each has a mat that is used for sleeping while working overtime, and Ren Zhengfei has a simple bed in his office. Ren Zhengfei encourages employees to work hard. There are data that the European R & D staff working hours of about 1400 hours per year, while HUAWEI’s R & D staff in China doubled the working hours.

3 giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu

Shi Yuzhu has always been very contemptuous of sleep. "Go right in the melatonin, does not require all cadres, all with me"