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On the brand management strategy of higher project

Hello, recently in Hong Kong and Macao "milk shortage" incident in the network: domestic milk from the raise a Babel of criticism of the Sanlu incident since the brand trust market to a large number of unable to get up after a fall, imported milk powder, this description of what the problem is, that the establishment of a brand is very difficult, may take several years or even decades of operation, and destroy a the brand is very easy, once happen, is powerless.

here, Ling Bo to do a month extension, talk about brand strategy in Wangzhuan with you.

why do brand management?

Wangzhuan although last year the momentum of rapid development, but it is still an early stage of development of the project, the market potential is very great. A year ago, the market is still relatively fast filling the blank stage, entering the industry entrepreneurs more is to consider how to survive, at that time, people have not recognized this product, most skeptical, marketing is not easy to survive, today, to agents who are made a lot of money.

the problem is, as the product gradually recognized, more and more people are entering the market, to the new industry entrepreneurs more choices, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, at this time, many early agents began to realize the importance of the brand, to pay more attention and energy to create a brand hand. The reason is very simple, the times have changed, the market situation has changed, want to become bigger and stronger, the introduction of the brand is imperative. Why Jingdong to more than 300W price to buy jingdong.com domain name is the future of their own brand promotion.

is so, now Wangzhuan industry, the need for more attention to brand planning and construction of their own, I do talk about "two essential factors" Wangzhuan Wangzhuan success in an article mentioned the importance of choosing the right superior agent, so, a qualified superior agency, will tell his subordinates the importance of brand management, and how to operate their own brand. This is the Ling Bo team has been implementing a business philosophy.

how to do brand management?

this question different people have different views, and also a variety of methods. Ling Bo here also brief mention, statements of a school for reference.

1: brand establishment or brand choice, meaning according to their own situation, choose a suitable brand name, best with their own shop, or want to ID, the most important point is to have less Baidu search results of this entry, if it is a very popular word, that you the brand name will be submerged in many existing brand names, there is no competition at all. Choose your brand name, will appear to your shop in your blog, your website and you all released the network information, so as to form a brand name associated with your project, this is no longer the details.

2 brand promotion: network promotion is a discipline, there are many