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The electricity supplier is not the entrepreneur good game is a swineherd



only cotton collapse, Suning red children sold, where customers came back to the beginning…… Trend has been very clear, electricity supplier threshold is too high, is no longer a grassroots entrepreneurs game. If want to hit the wall, or like an egg broken, in addition, the best is to feed the three years, again when the pig sold giant.

really want to be a small brand, but also to the giants of the third party platform, look at other people’s natural face, and can see how much you have a strong online marketing capabilities.

years ago, millet is also rumored to be acquired at the beginning of 80 million, we can see the original expectations of the outside world at the beginning of the valuation. Now, we claim to tens of millions of full acquisition, may have 889. Before and after the fall of many times. Angel investment is said to be at the beginning of the tens of millions of dollars, and then melt into a round, perhaps the current investors have stopped selling.

electricity supplier is no longer a grassroots entrepreneurs game

in the Internet industry, technical aspects of the business, single-handed or several teams can create a great enterprise. But the electricity supplier is not a light mode, especially the brand electricity supplier, is a real heavy asset investment.

Jingdong, investors Hillhouse capital chairman Zhang Lei in a few days ago the Yabuli forum said:

(Jingdong) at the time they find us when seventy million, I said that if this business if I won’t melt seventy million vote, I will vote on the $three hundred million investment, at Chinese is investment in start-ups in the single largest investment, because the business itself is the need to burn the business, do not burn 2 billion dollars is not the core competitiveness of the business model.

Although the ultimate fate of

Jingdong is controversial, but this forecast is very accurate for burn.

At the beginning of

moment although much smaller plates, but to create a business brand, is not a worry and money. Although the production of outsourcing, but the design, warehousing, logistics, web sites, as well as the flow of access, marketing, as well as investment. In March 1st, two Lasafo cosmetics vertical electricity supplier and jumei.com PK, the server downtime, logistics delay indicates that infrastructure will continue to burn.

entrepreneurship for more than two years, the two ten million level of financing, the founder of the end of 2012, said the capital chain is tight, is actively seeking buyers. Basically is the financial money year after burning, but do not see what the goal, we commit to this platform, there is no choice after choice.

Ma Yun said he likes small and beautiful business, but the electricity supplier industry, the small can not live.

pigs can feed and feed, but how to feed?

at the beginning of the sale of tens of millions of levels, compared to only cotton inverted group is better, but compared to the red child


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