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Sheng listed stories bring confidence to the site classification

  Sheng listed sensational fieldwork, the concept of Internet China sought after investors gave him a miracle.

      Sheng’s several sites, classified information website is actually a special field. Dressed in e-commerce coat, so listed. In fact, the gap between his website and e-commerce is still far away. But even so, enough to still use large capital market grappling classifieds site with confidence – listed, it is possible to. As long as you say the number of users, growth, membership fees……

next listed on the China local Internet Co, Sheng will certainly better than the story. A large number of people who have been trained in Wall Street calendar are waiting.

      website classification should consider is to continue to clamor for classification, or for electronic commerce?

      from the current situation, the stock market that people lag, they can understand e-commerce, but it is difficult to understand what the customer, or guest what. So it is better to change the concept of e-commerce. The poor are the small and medium-sized enterprises, all the business people are staring at your purse is not full, and provide services to small and medium enterprises to sign with a knife. Small and medium enterprises in the online world needs to see the signs of the user, in the end should stand there? Baidu? GOOGLE? Sina? Tencent? Alibaba? China Network?

      you can imagine, there may be a not what products, will rely on the network and become the television and the like on melatonin.


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