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Man in focus and diversified development of higher

do Wangzhuan is to concentrate on a field, or the diversified development. Diversification can indeed spread the risk, to ensure that the return of the project does not make money that project also make money, and ultimately earn a little. Don’t let his pay out. But the man that for a person to focus on fighting grassroots entrepreneurs, is the success of the only proper course to take.

many people joined the ranks of Wangzhuan soon, see what is fresh, this project for a few days, the project for a few days, finally what programs did not succeed in doing. Will feel very frustrated.

In fact,

never mind the novice just contact network to make money, not a success, there must be a learning process, attention is not for the novice and the novice is to try to diversified learning, expect to do, even if the failure will also learn a lot of things, to do more projects later, experience more, then the static under heart carefully think about, so many projects you have done, which one are you most interested in? What items you earn the most money, which one is the most suitable for their own projects like this character who do.

and then find a suitable development direction, make a decision, this time you need to set a goal for yourself, and then follow this goal to focus on.

focus on goals should be more detailed.

take me for example, just contact network, I decided to give up to do business in the reality of the ideas, focus on the network to make money, after a period of time, I aim to get a "network money" using the website, after a period of time for my goal, "the use of SEO technology website to make money, then determine," produced by SEO technology of single page web site to make money, "now I focus on the goal:" for the production of Taobao guest single page web site to make money by using SEO technology.

goal more and more clear, the focus of the field is getting smaller and smaller, in fact, I just want to become an expert in a small field, it is enough. Is the so-called "flat and abrupt somewhere in the crowd". Wangzhuan behind the success of the power is actually very simple: focus on one area, find a suitable profit model and expand your method, then quickly, to focus on the development of the. If you don’t grow fast enough, it’s likely that you’re addicted to so many possibilities that you don’t have the power to succeed.

between attention and multiple Wangzhuan whether you are in a mess, and still has cut the knot. The original article reprint, please indicate: reproduced from the man in your blog http://s.nanerguo.com/.


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