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Not the same Entrepreneurs willing to lonely clouds and dreams for ten years



elder brother

"we can have on the enterprise site and do a PPT like now, do not need to complete the technology, do not need to consider what the bandwidth of server, virtual machines, all these, in the ‘cloud’, very stable, very safe."

Yunmeng network CEO Jiang Xiaopeng is about what he is doing now. He is an entrepreneur, but with the recent media attention that the star entrepreneur, completely different.

website is an almost age and the Internet industry, since the birth of the Internet, there has been "making demands, especially the Internet from the military, science research field of transition to commercial areas, the demand concentrated burst out, and thus the birth of the" construction site "of the industry and related trades.

construction site this thing, over the past few years has not changed. The general process is: first to find a technical man, take the structure of the website, and then go to the design of the man, is not easy to design good, also find that, then, is a virtual machine room……


links, each link of the technical barriers is relatively high, this information asymmetry, so many tricky to hide in this industry, resulting in the entire industry the dragons and fishes jumbled together.

and the many faces of chaos industry, the industry also has a lot of sense of the practitioners, trying to change the status quo, the industry to a more standard and more standardized and healthy development track, not only because they are much more noble, because in the process, always profitable.


over the past ten years, the industry has been trying to make the website construction of this matter, "modular" and "template" and "standardization", for example, as early as seven years ago the Chinese million net, they launched the "crash site and standard site" is a typical representative of this idea.

but the actual situation is not ideal, because of the technical and knowledge, template is extremely limited, on the one hand, more satisfied with the template is also difficult to highly personalized needs of enterprises; on the other hand, the adjustment function of the rigid template is difficult to adapt to the rapid changes in business needs.

in addition, because the server hardware architecture and virtualization technology, this kind of website access speed, stability and safety, security are relatively fragile — mainly due to attack a site, other sites on the same virtual machine may also be affected.

so, in the standard establishment the ideal direction, many start-up companies make products, is not satisfactory, the satisfied market demand is always something bad.

So when Yunmeng

network CEO Jiang Xiaopeng introduced to me they have to overcome this problem, make the enterprise and the station can be equated to do PPT, I doubt. Because for so many years, there are a lot of entrepreneurs and the company claims that their website tools and PPT, but in the actual use of the test, but also


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