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Reading, Muji management experience applicable to the nternet Co

this article at a dinner of years ago, a friend of Li and Ni t exchange:

Li 14 years from a large company left the venture, is now a Internet Co CEO, because of its proximity to the capital, all languished in 2016, for Li’s companies did not have fear of life and death, but in 2017 the growth of the pressure is still not small;

Li enterprise business, mobile electricity supplier, considering the industry opportunity perspective, 2017 has no obvious bonus and outlet to be found; and as a startup, and coordinates of Hangzhou, Lao Li’s enterprise has encountered a lot of constraints in the recruitment of talents, growth in the face of pressure seems to be the only "to strengthen management, enhance the efficiency" one way;

But Li

program ape management background, not its strengths, for the sake of the growth performance and four for advice, after expert advice, a book called "Muji" by the success of 90% by the system, Muji third president Zhong three Matsui, tells the story of how it is set by the system and the construction standards, reform method manual "with the help of Muji within 2 years of Profitability Management experience.

my friend Li after reading quite filled with wisdom feeling, feel really desirable to many, immediately the full implementation of the company, but it also worried that the copy will have problems The climate does not suit one. and bought several books, one by one to close friends, we hope that the same input based on a discussion, to see the heart of Ming Dynasty, then have a dinner date with Ni T;

2016 years to drop, more and more to the center of the traffic system, led to the Internet trends are changing, Wang Xing suggested that the Internet into the concept, the second half points out: the first half can rely on dividends, the second half of the need for intensive and meticulous farming phenomenon, Ni Shushen thought;

and the reason why this article will be issued on the public number, one is to be accountable to my friend Li, two is also the hope for all to benefit from the management of the Internet Co to help, the above is for the



"Muji" 90% system by a book, about 209 pages, 1.5-2 hours can be read in


to Matsui Chusan as the protagonist in the first person to write text, Jane white, for specific problems are given clear and feasible implementation scheme, compared to many domestic only empty talk management books, the content is more convincing;

in the context of the book is also very clear, Ni t as follows:

to Muji from winning profit to loss of organizational inertia suddenly solved out, Matsui decided to establish a mechanism and form of this kind of mechanism is a more than 2 thousand page guide book, and will focus on the mechanism of the background, principle and method for the operation of the mechanism start.

and Matsui Chusan to elaborate on the working mechanism, in fact, is not profound, summed up can be divided into: standardization, system, executive power, the three key words;


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