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Shen Boyang, President of China UK entrepreneurial success is a small probability event


DoNews September 22nd news (reporter An Hong) in the background of the present national entrepreneurship, team building, from product design to project financing, every step forward entrepreneurs need to think twice. President of the British Chinese Shen Boyang brought in a speech before the date indicated in the entrepreneurial success is always a small probability event, but there are no losers in entrepreneurship.

as a founder of glutinous rice has been a veteran entrepreneur, Shen Boyang first to give business advice is that entrepreneurs aim at a good opportunity and are willing to take the risk to try to encourage. And once committed and made a commitment, it should be in a long period of time to block themselves, and refrain from being tempted by other opportunities. "When you look at other opportunities, there is always something that looks great, but when you go through it, it’s not always a good choice".

two axioms about entrepreneurship

"then experienced thousands of war, nationwide hundreds of local group purchase website, the group purchase website today only too many to count, three group purchase websites including glutinous rice nets, and other causes of all kinds of group purchase website disappear", Shen Boyang with their own experience and expounds two axioms about entrepreneurship:

first, entrepreneurial success is a very small probability of the event, behind every success story is more failure, the success rate of less than 1%.

second, entrepreneurship is no loser. Even if the venture fails, as an entrepreneur, the accumulated experience in the process will promote personal growth, can be defined as successful. He believes that entrepreneurship is no failure of the course.

entrepreneurs need to have six basic qualities

Shen Boyang believes that the domestic Internet entrepreneurs need to have the following six basic qualities:

first, tough. When the competitive situation, this needs to be very insistent very tough character, because each vertical field there are a lot of money a lot of competitors in the influx of Chinese doing Internet business "tough" is a very important quality.

second, act. Competition is the courage to take risks and dare to take the responsibility, this is a very important quality entrepreneurs.

third, the overall situation. When the competition is very intense, every business is a very long process, hope every entrepreneur has a higher vision, see industry development pattern and the direction of future development, the station to see the future now, it is very important to the competition, or otherwise they will fall into stalemate only see in front of the The loss outweighs the gain. the competition among them, see far enough.

fourth, the pursuit of the ultimate. The Internet business is more important for the ultimate pursuit, let the world become more flat, users from the A service migration to B services only need a mouse or only need to install a new APP, each Internet product requirements for the ultimate experience more patriotic, whether it is done before the rice network is in.


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