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Push business Alipay 1 billion yuan to support national O2O business income of 300 people invited a

this morning, a friend told me to do network promotion of Alipay in order to support the development of O2O business, and launched 1 billion yuan to do promotion. Everything points to meet 550 sesame credit Alipay users can participate in the promotion. This is known as the official name of Alipay entrepreneurial action, official said:

Alipay announced the official launch of the "million recruitment plan in September 28th (also known as the" National Development Plan "), has invested 1 billion yuan in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other 123 City National Recruitment of 1 million" reputation ", its main job is to convince the catering shop reputation is Alipay page in the shop, every success convince a can obtain 300 yuan cash reward and the corresponding store coupons.

Zhu Haitao think this is a rare business, especially for those who have pushed the resource team can make a difference.


below is a comment from the Beijing business daily

word of mouth network announced the launch of the 1 billion launch of the national shop plan to accelerate its layout in the field of O2O. In the "universal shop plan, every ordinary users can become the reputation of the line of people to push off, as long as the" word-of-mouth success in persuading offline restaurant shop on word-of-mouth platform, users can get a $300 cash reward. It is reported that this is the word of mouth to recruit 1 million word of mouth". At the same time, the platform also launched a business version of word-of-mouth reputation App, greatly simplify the merchant shop and cashier with the Alipay process experience.

industry generally believe that the "universal shop and reputation Business Edition is Alipay accelerated significantly staking line under the market signal. Through the "national style" business style, catering industry under the Alipay online penetration must get rapid promotion, and its leading position in the O2O market.

1 billion push universal shop plans to recruit millions of word of mouth

in June this year, Alibaba group and ant financial services group jointly invested 6 billion, set up a local life service platform company reputation". Ali’s food and beverage service platform Amoy little, and the line of business resources and the team under the ant gold service, the core force of the new reputation platform. Mobile phone Taobao, Alipay these two national level App to provide entrance on the first page of word of mouth. Public data display, 50 days after the line, the new word of mouth platform catering orders only broke the number of single pen on the order of 1 million.

reporter opened Alipay business channel, KFC, Quanjude, grandma, Pizza Hut and a large number of catering businesses have been stationed in. In the merchant channel, merchants can publish discounts for each store, the user can automatically discount after payment. Alipay released data show that the current number of Alipay "businesses" businesses have been more than 10. Among them, KFC discount in the Alipay business line within two months, to be received over 28 million times, "


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