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As an entrepreneur, Li Yinan has lost time and reputation

Abstract: entrepreneur Li Yinan’s dream, but also the continuation of the Mavericks electric. This is Li Yinan’s last venture, bet on it, including time and their reputation". At present, Li Yinan has not lost – although the fate is not in his own hands.


when Li Yinan alleged insider trading trial rumors are confirmed, most of the stories are expanded versions around the "a boy genius.".

on the evening of March 15th, according to Caixin reported, on suspicion of insider trading crime, 46 year old Li Yinan on March 15th in Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court for trial. Prosecutors alleged that Li Yinan and his sister through insider news stocks profit about 7000000 yuan. According to the new financial reporter, Li Yinan denied prosecution allegations during the trial".

The final result of the

case is not yet known, but if the entrepreneur from the perspective of Li Yinan to assess the story has not yet finished. Entrepreneur Li Yinan’s dream, but also the continuation of the Mavericks electric body.

almost everyone remembers the scene of Li Yinan’s silent speech on the stage in June 1, 2015. In order to have the meaning of the comeback ceremony, he is preparing a speech every day, walking to eat when the words back gestures.

the first appearance of the product is also at pains. Mavericks N1 did not choose the style of publicity, but take the stable route. This is also Li Yinan’s proposition, the purpose is to allow the product to be more acceptable.

from the follow-up to raise the public on the Jingdong’s reaction, this strategy has extraordinary effect. Half a month, the Mavericks electric N1 refresh the public to raise all the history of Jingdong, raise the amount of 72 million yuan, becoming the largest public to raise the project in the history of Jingdong. Taking into account before the release of the product, the Mavericks have already had 50 million U.S. dollars of financing, the public may not be the primary meaning of money, but a self proof.

, however, is now looking back, when Li Yinan may not be in the office with colleagues to enjoy this joy. Of course, the Mavericks suffered market turmoil, Li Yinan is also absent.

the first batch of calf N1 recall due to quality problems, so that buyers complain about the delivery cycle…… As a star start-up company, the Mavericks enjoy the benefits of electric light, but also bear the high expectations of the outside world and low tolerance. Calf appeared like a bomb, hit the traditional electric car players. The latter in June counterattack action together, one after another, which is regarded as the outside world bullfighting".

but in the eyes of investors, these are not enough to shake the Mavericks fortress.

‘s most lethal weapon is the soul of Li Yinan. From the supply chain integration, team building to finance, Li Yinan three words have a heavy weight. "As long as the circle of his people on the Internet, Li Yinan is not strange. When he was in port,


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