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Expert sland Business Guide – Shanghai registered company, what business subsidies

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Shanghai consecutive days almost 38, still could not stop the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. In August 7th, organized by the "200 thousand free expert Island business subsidies lecture" has come to an end! Some words, the scene did not have time to say, in fact, always wanted to say to all the entrepreneurs: Thank you! We are expert island as a business services company, in contact with many entrepreneurs have seen many start-ups, brilliant decline. We have been very appreciate entrepreneurial hardships, so we have to do is make a suit of this industry to eliminate the information asymmetry, open and transparent! This is the original intention of the birth of expert island! Thank you for expert Island tolerance and support! And that the next step is to share our subsidies







as an entrepreneur you may not know, in the branch of Shanghai, there are many business subsidies, such as the special support fund, investment policies, financial discount policy guarantees, loans, from start-up company, market promotion, recruitment, tax saving, tax incentives, the introduction of technology and equipment, information construction, project construction, academic subject, achievements, intellectual property rights, honor certification, research innovation, energy saving and emission reduction, involving more than 2800 children. Many types of entrepreneurial projects, you can zero investment, zero risk subsidies.

according to the scene of the policy of financial consulting experts say: any company registered in Shanghai can apply for subsidies ranging from 10 thousand to 100 thousand, but more than 90% of entrepreneurs do not know.

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, we put the dry cargo to share the majority of entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan, quickly away, not








more other business subsidies welcome advice: 400-0196-012


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