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Taobao village behind the story People’s livelihood electricity supplier to promote youth employment

xinhuanet.com November 11 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Wei Hui, Zhang Yao) pull greenhouse, movie, open "double 11" advertising caravan village everywhere, loudspeakers broadcast promotional activities…… Reporters saw in many villages, double 11 arrived two months ago, the village of Taobao merchants began to promote.

Guizhou Tongren Jiangkou County of Tujia Yunshe village 92 year old villager Yang learning a few months ago just tasted the sweetness of online shopping ". In April this year, in order to give parents a special birthday, Yang beginner daughter had the Western-style food online shopping through rural Italy Jinchai Taobao Yunshe village service station. Did not expect the birthday, the village has ushered in the three foreign chef blonde, appeared in the classic Italy cooking steak dinner let Yang novice villagers came to loud shouts of applause, "merry".

Alibaba in October 2014, the implementation of thousands of counties and villages in the country, looking for partners in rural areas around the opening of rural Taobao service station, to help farmers online shopping products, consignment of agricultural products. Zeng Jin often in his spare time to go to the village Amoy service station order to buy clothes. This attempt to have authentic Western-style food into the mountains.

rural electricity supplier so that the consumer habits gradually change. Chuan Fujian village of Youxi County in May this year to build 3 pavilions in the small park, according to the traditional way to run to more than and 100 kilometers outside the factory to order material. The village trying to open a new rural service station Taobao online shopping, less than ten days, three pavilions sent home, businesses also responsible for on-site installation, a total cost of 40 thousand yuan, cheaper than the line in half.

vast rural market by rural electricity supplier to stimulate a strong domestic demand, but also opened the way to get rich farmers online. The 47 year old Wang Mingqiang, a few years ago, has been doing foreign trade in Hangzhou and Guangzhou City, the annual income of 2289 yuan. In January this year, he returned to his hometown of Zhejiang Zijin Mountain Tonglu County Xiang Long Nishimura Longxi as a partner in the village Amoy service station.

"China’s rural so big, many farmers will not online shopping, there is a huge domestic market. We need to cultivate the habit of farmers online shopping, and then is to help them sell things, with everyone to get rich. Rural service stations in the future Taobao purchasing service will only account for 1/10." Wang Mingqiang said that his current service station to help the villagers online purchasing clothing shoes and hats, home appliance stores, agricultural products, as well as credit, remittance, financial funds, then he will do online consignment, the village’s agricultural products, native products, handicrafts, vegetables and fruit sold all over the country.

now, he has to open his own car every day, with a projector, to the village to put the square dance, which can attract a lot of villagers. During the break, he began to put the electricity supplier of the film, the villagers began to become familiar with online shopping, and slowly learn to order, and some people even find him want to help sell agricultural products.

Longxi village has a population of more than 1 thousand and 600 people, only more than and 600 people living in the village, basically the elderly, children, usually only a ride to the county to buy things, and now they go through the village Amoy service station


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