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Winter capital entrepreneurs should store food for the winter or upstream

recent data show that domestic and international investment transaction amount has declined, some entrepreneurs are financing difficulties, the industry a voice that should store food for the winter, another kind of voice that should be up. The same phenomenon can be derived from the different angles of the opposite conclusion, then the existence of the capital cold winter?

: the first perspective of winter has been to, the survival of the

from the international venture capital environment, 36 krypton reported global venture deal for four consecutive quarter of decline in U.S. research institutions CB Insight and accounting firm KPMG that global venture capital is not yet out of the winter, the total number of transactions plunged Asian venture, fell 12%, while British exit risk, China decline in economic growth, high valuation of startups questioned the increased uncertainty, some investors began to take a wait-and-see attitude.


The United States

venture capitalist Bill Gurley said in SWSX conference today technology bubble won’t last too long, there may be some Unicorn died this year, and if the technology market collapse, will affect the real estate and other areas. According to foreign media inventory, as of the beginning of 2016, there are 7 Unicorn exit from the $1 billion club, or was acquired, or market value has shrunk.

domestic situation is not optimistic, clear research center data show that the first half of 2016 a total of Chinese initiated 818 angel investment, down more than 30% venture capital market; a total of 1264, the number of cases and the amount fell 30% and 10%; PE has not risen, but mainly because of "super Unicorn" ant gold clothes, drops get huge financing. CB Insight also believes that the rise in the amount of financing in the second quarter of the world is mainly due to the corner of the beast (more than $10 billion valuation of start-up companies, such as Uber, SnapChat, drops) to bring more than $1 billion in financing.




"90% Internet Co will die in the winter capital" was once rumored, a unicorn enterprises on the verge of death also extinguished many entrepreneurs enthusiasm, many O2O companies have the money to burn but not profitable, investors began to stop.

some commentators and entrepreneurs believe that the capital has arrived in winter, such as hunting hired network Dai Kebin believe that the next 6 to 12 months, the capital market will not be significantly improved signs:

capital markets will be longer than expected, to prepare enough money for the team to prepare for the war in the future.

Jingwei Zhang Ying in China to share in the internal market has also been mentioned in the cold, financing more and more difficult, the capital has been winter


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