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Comments Featured talk about entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is a hot topic at any time. A lot of people are full of infinite yearning for entrepreneurship, then what is the entrepreneurial


1 for free

2 for "dream"

3 because I don’t want to work (or can’t find a job)

4 in order to make money.

5 because the business is relatively popular

each of us want to start the business is not the same, then how to look at the venture?.

in the ten way of making money: I believe in Chinese, everyone has a dream, in fact, entrepreneurship is very simple, but I ask you you borrowed money? There is not money to escape experience? I believe everyone has the kind of taste, and pressure it’s no fun? But if you have to do the boss, we must first think that if 100 people ask you for money, if you can bear the pressure, if not, or persuade you to find a job, or a jump.

seems to make sense

South Korea University: entrepreneurship is the best work of the first campus Belle 3-5 years later, when the mind is more mature, the more clarity of things! If you start very early start, is generally difficult to succeed! I have a friend inside the school, is now in the business, the campus e-commerce, has invested more than 100 thousand or, did not make an appearance in


students have no accumulated experience, the success rate is small.

Raysmond: entrepreneurship or some entrepreneurial accumulation first, experience, knowledge, contacts are actually very important. Business failure, the accumulation of things. With the accumulation of things should be able to find a job, can not find the words, then the last few years to get what?

interactive: to tell the truth 24 years of record industry, 25 years old, failure, failure, through the industry, 26 years old, and entrepreneurship… Looking at the feeling of failure


Wang Baochen: not clear…… Perhaps I have been a "technical" thinking, I think so, in life, can not trouble others without trouble, for "contacts"…… I do not work hard, not cattle X, can not provide too much value for others, and blindly "expect" the so-called contacts, but also to be able to expect what? Maybe I was wrong…… Or these people also understand that they are the accumulation of contacts + self synchronization!…… Perhaps, huh, huh,

must first have a certain value

Godaddy host domain discount code: 2 years ago, I also encountered the same situation as the landlord, then from the communications industry (monthly salary 5K) resigned out of business, investment of nearly 10W, holding a lot of confidence to venture. But later found that the development of things and their planning more and more far, fortunately, I take the early exit, did not cause very


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