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The difference of VR thermal breakdown of domestic and foreign venture entrepreneurs


Facebook in 2014 to $2 billion acquisition of VR Oculus leader, said publicly to enter the field of virtual reality, global entrepreneurs and investors are focusing on virtual reality technology. In addition to some of the giants of the beachhead layout, as well as some mobile phone manufacturers to follow the trend, upsurge of domestic and foreign venture is as one falls, another rises.

influx of a large number of VR entrepreneurs, has not yet developed the field of VR, injected fresh blood. According to incomplete statistics, the current domestic development company VR equipment more than 150 companies, which accounted for more than half of startups, but compared with foreign entrepreneurs high-profile, domestic entrepreneurs slightly calm, with entrepreneurship, between the two compared, and differences in those aspects of


connection, the author analyzed from many aspects, mainly summarized different parties to the following points: there are differences in the overall business environment in 1 at home and abroad; 2 team innovation and the ability to execute access; 3 is based on the market, from the angle of view.


entrepreneurial environment obvious differences between the two sides

some time ago in the parallel forum perception · VR/AR link, Feng Rui capital founding partner Li Feng said that in China to do the VR environment will be better than the United states. He said that Chinese entrepreneurs are currently doing VR’s opportunity to solve a certain node in the technology, as well as providing VR application platform to reduce the threshold of VR content production. But is this really the case? What are the differences between domestic and foreign entrepreneurial environment?

China is now too many people to participate in entrepreneurship, is nothing more than being forced by this social phenomenon now: one is the employment, the two is the economy is going downhill, three is the high cost of living and oppression, more important is in front of the entrepreneurial success, let more people willing to devote themselves to the ranks of entrepreneurs. Of course, there are also a lot of cost, because the success of entrepreneurs or a few, not just venture can be successful.

and foreign business people, some more out of technology that obsession, from the business trip out of his own, for example, some time ago, the success of the public to raise a sense of Ling is one of the typical technology. Then there are some similar situation, such as employment difficulties.

but these are just a sign, if the light from the technical level, the United States and China as an example. In the United States, like Google, Facebook and other international giants are in addition to their own technology, or the contents of a broadcast platform, if they are at all costs into the VR field, the entrepreneurial companies in the United States will be more difficult to survive. Because now the giants is just a small test chopper, and there is no large-scale layout. And some practitioners in Silicon Valley seems that once these giants have been ready for the relevant technology, its entrepreneurial companies to leave the space, the level of interest will be small.



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