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Grass root Entrepreneurial miracle, what is the secret of success

I have a lot of successful entrepreneurs, sometimes we get together, recalled his original pioneering work hard experience, always lamented the hardships, talking about the emotional place also can not help but sigh, even some entrepreneurs are always said to me, now the era of Internet entrepreneurs is the era of entrepreneurship, even the best so, entrepreneurs still cautious.

I asked some of my students are eager to start: "why do you want to start?" answered "a lot of people in this industry can make a lot of money", "tired of working for a boss in the day, before the company salary is too low, I have to feed their families, desperation had to choose entrepreneurship"….

business is just a choice, a lot of people to start, is to live the life I want, when entrepreneurs can be found, now living with their dreams are not the same, many entrepreneurs have said: "looking for a love of work, so every morning at six a.m. to eight p.m. are happy, then find a love of people together, so the night of eight to six in the morning is happy, this is the life I want."

80% people in the business after the discovery of life and expectations of business after the opposite, although businesses engaged in their own interest; improve their economic conditions, improve the quality of life… But… Not everyone is suitable for business, do not you see, those who jumped into the vortex of the entrepreneurial venture, there are a few business success? A lot of hapless entrepreneurs find themselves not suitable for business when it is too late.

for those entrepreneurs with deep ambition, to start a business is not an easy thing, entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurs should pay more time and effort, but also to withstand hardships, many entrepreneurs entrepreneurship long-term struggle in the first-line, return and pay income often not is, some entrepreneurs can thrives in the face of challenges, can calmly face the sacrifice, some entrepreneurs may therefore lose.

business are always facing a lot of pressure, a lot of people will always start more time in their career, often ignore their families, should communicate with the family before the start, try to get the family support for their cause, in the business, will be the cause of two family balance, which can effectively avoid all kinds of family conflicts, maintaining family peace.

each entrepreneur might have a perfect idea, how to put these ideas into reality, is the source of power of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, has a perfect idea, sometimes does not mean that entrepreneurs can trick it into profitable enterprises, entrepreneurs want talent shows itself in a number of entrepreneurial, must objective to examine their own ideas, to assess whether they have the ability to turn ideas into reality successfully.

at the beginning of the business should first consider the issue of venture capital: how much entrepreneurial venture capital? Once the failure of the venture will affect other things? This is the beginning of the business must consider the issue


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