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A sitting on 5 million users of the music website how to die

introduction: Songtaste music are echoed in the ears, but think how to seem more "The tune lingered in the room.".



/ Jielun editor Wang Chen Qi

Songtaste is a music sharing website created by Li Shubin, a serial entrepreneur, in 2006. Through a large number of music lovers to upload content, recommended, as of the summer of 2009, the site has harvested 5 million users and 3 million songs.

but the copyright issue has been a headache for Li Shubin. Because Songtaste is used in UGC mode, users to upload songs often illegal problems occur, therefore has been law enforcement culture Li asked to accept inquiries and punishment. In addition, Lee almost in the same period created another venture project good music to buy, because the two can not be taken into account, coupled with the music industry is difficult to implement and other reasons, 3 years after the start of business, Li Youyi will sell Songtaste.


sitting on 5 million users of the music website how to die

A8 music group took a fancy to Songtaste. 2010, A8 paid 8 million yuan in cash to acquire the Songtaste stake in the, after the A8 into more than ten meters camp. According to a A8 who requested anonymity because of former employees revealed that fought in the mobile terminal and the transformation of higher difficulty, A8 actually after the acquisition indefinitely Songtaste. The outside world can only see, in July 20, 2015, Songtaste officially announced that due to copyright issues, the music business in the notice issued a week after the closure.

for a detailed understanding of the specific changes in the Songtaste after the acquisition and close the site’s strategic considerations, I dark horse has repeatedly contacted the chairman of the board of A8 Liu Xiaosong, but Liu did not thank you refused to interview.

Li Shubin still believes that the music industry is difficult to profit the reality of the problem to prevent the normal development of Songtaste. At that time, if there is a profit model, can earn a lot of money, I might not be able to create a good music to buy, but to operate it carefully, do it bigger." Lee seems, this is the core reason for the fall of Songtaste.

is the founder of the original Songtaste, is now a good music to buy the founder Li Shubin dictated by I dark horse finishing.

I was a love of music, love gentle slow songs, especially the pure background music without lyrics. When the music is basically to download Baidu, but Baidu can find is basically a pop song or fast tempo songs, I can not meet the needs of a small minority. In addition, you may like a singer, but do not necessarily like all the songs on his album, a search for an album is not efficient enough.

can only sing to friends at this time. I asked each other at MSN on that day


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