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Ma Hongkong talk about entrepreneurship Hongkong young people have the advantage

sina science and technology news February 2nd evening news, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma said today in Hongkong, a lot of opportunities for the new era, young people have a natural advantage. "Young people the knowledge of Hongkong good, Hongkong geographical location, Hongkong located in the globalization of financial position, and the rule of law and perfect all university education, I think Chinese, at present to have such qualities of students is not much, just look at Hongkong today young people dare to take one step."

Ma Yun on the same day as the keynote speaker, attended held in Hongkong Exhibition Center "Ma Yun and the youth about, from dream to succeed in business exchange. The exchange will be open for the citizens of Hongkong, Ma will lecture in Hongkong after the news, the exchange of the tickets are booked in ten minutes. Before the start of the meeting, the Convention Center where the central area traffic was blocked, the event had to postpone the start.


seminar organized by the Hongkong solidarity fund, the fund by the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Hongkong SAR government’s first chief executive Dong Jianhua led the establishment of the fund, Ma also served as a consultant.

Ma Yun admitted at the meeting, Alibaba started when I did not expect to go today. He suggested that the young entrepreneurs in Hongkong said that entrepreneurs around the world have a suffering of the classics, there are big difficulties, small pain, but to maintain a good state of mind, at least can do something to change. Entrepreneurs must be less complaining, but be good at finding opportunities from other people’s complaints.

"today than 15 years ago have the opportunity, the whole society has great changes, the entire Internet era, the era of data, only just beginning, society is from IT to DT era," Ma said, "if the former is a manufacturing era, today is a creation in. Young people in Hongkong remember that you know what your dad never heard of."

exchanges the day before, Alibaba group announced the establishment of 1 billion Hong Kong dollars to invest in Hongkong Youth Enterprise Fund to support young people in Hongkong to explore the cause of entrepreneurship. The fund will assist young entrepreneurs in Hongkong to start business in the Alibaba group’s e-commerce trading market and platform, and to start selling products and services from Hongkong to the mainland market. In addition, the fund will be selected annually from the University of Hongkong, 200 outstanding graduates to Alibaba group or other companies internship. (skyline)

for the following exchange record:

anchor: Hongkong Solidarity Fund sponsored, "Ma and about youth: from dream to success" will officially begin now! We have to unite the Hongkong fund founder and Chairman Mr. Dong Jianhua to give us a few words.

Dong Jianhua: Jack, you see so many wonderful, we welcome you! Dear friends, first of all I want to say sorry, because too enthusiastically, so many people. So we’re late. I’m sorry you waited.

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