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Taiping Princess why more and more ‘s health network

a girl, previously nicknamed "airport", now known as the "Pacific princess". According to reports, China has become the world’s third breast augmentation Dalong market, the market is becoming more and more popular, the breast of a woman, what is really the "Taiping", or "peace"?


culprit: pressure

a foreign proverb says: a clown into the city, more than a dozen doctors.

had a lot of pressure, love depressed women, it is easy to cause breast disease, plus often angry tension, not only cause breast pain, lumps appear, hyperplasia and other diseases, but also let these benign disease slowly deteriorated, hideous breast cancer.

and for the body is in the rapid development of adolescent girls, a long period of great academic pressure and lead to mental stress, will inevitably affect the endocrine function of young girls, affecting the development of breast.

academic pressure is also easy to make the thyroid with excited state, resulting in increased cortisol, accelerate fat burning, and the chest is the most easy to lose fat, become a "Princess" is not hard to imagine.

of course, the development of the breast and diet, nutrition, and other aspects of nutrition, mood, sleep, environment, exercise, etc. will affect the complex endocrine system of women.

expert advice: don’t wear a bra, breast and fully developed after wearing, and not too shy overtighten corset. Breast development process, sometimes there may be a slight pain or itch, do not hand squeeze or scratching.

In addition,

, a daughter, more attention should be paid to help her daughter to relieve internal pressure, often talk about the heart, trust each other, timely detection of psychological problems. At the same time to encourage her to take part in physical exercise, so that girls are more satisfied with their own body, more confident, more emotional, more energetic, more dynamic. In addition, the mother can also teach her daughter to do breast massage, namely bath with a hot towel breast for 3~5 minutes, then gently massage with the palm of the hand, from left to right, from top to bottom, massage 20~50 times.

two culprit: lack of sleep

lack of sleep is known to all.

for adolescent girls harm is far-reaching. Because the deep sleep during the night is the peak of all kinds of hormone secretion, lack of sleep, will seriously interfere with endocrine function, affect the development of puberty.

a lot of parents said: "the child is not very easy to get up, get up early, go home late, sleep at least, the most of them".

"primary and secondary school health education guidelines" clearly stipulates that to ensure that young people sleep time, to ensure that students sleep 10 hours a day, junior high school students for 9 hours, high school students for 8 hours. But the results of the China Youth Research Center showed that the average sleep time of primary and secondary school students was 7 hours and 37 minutes.

experts suggest that maintaining adequate sleep is important for adolescent girls. Parents can pass a reasonable time


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