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Breast must see how to make their own breast bigger health network

chest small, feel that they are not sexy, then how to do? Some people want to go to plastic surgery, to make their breasts become bigger, for moving the knife thing, no matter when it is necessary to be cautious. If you do not want plastic surgery, then there is a good way to make the chest in the life of the larger?

limb movement

in the course of the movement, not only can remove excess body fat, but also can effectively enlarge the breast. Exercise some chest movement, chest movement first hand and slowly, hands around the tile, tile at the same time pay attention to deep breath. And so on both sides of the hands straight, and then move up and down, constantly expanding chest.

massage big

female breasts, as the saying goes: touch, don’t cut. Because of the different physiological structure of women, the chest is mainly fat, in order to make the breasts bigger, it can not be separated from the breast massage. There are many ways of massage, with both hands vertical massage, finger massage, and if there is a partner, you can seek the help of a partner, so the effect will be obvious.


There are many

breast food, the most famous of course, papaya milk. In addition to this soybean, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds are good food, such food is a seed type of food. Soybeans, peanuts are rich in lecithin, almonds, walnuts, sesame protein is relatively high. While the other breast treasures are sea cucumber, pig, tendons etc.. This is the girl’s favorite.

beauty is every woman has a dream of things, is the envy of the proud chest is not difficult, the most important thing is to insist, every day to his breast to point to body massage, Bubu nutrition of their own, it can be very good to make their breasts become larger, straight pull.


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