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Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog K station mystery WordPress defect

believes that the Shanghai dragon are to understand the same station repeat included simple to understand, that is the other station reprint station of its own, as A5 submission was reprinted. And early in the site, in order to let Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog be included in a faster retrieval, Ye Jianhui also threw a few notes, construction on the outer chain. However, don’t want to be included fast, faster hair. Because of this, let Ye Jianhui have caused due to excessive reproduced drop included even plucking speculation.

from the graph we can see that "love is Bowen of Shanghai K station gradually restore? Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog really restored" is repeated up to 10 and included articles, which included duplicate, is the blog comments. In fact, K did not come before, and attention was K, this is a big mistake.

and Ye Jianhui from the repeat included links are found on such a common: "replytocom=?". Then Ye Jianhui immediately shielding. Not sure this file can robots.txt the effect of time delay and too afraid to continue to repeat into the side included webmaster tools, manual robots update, fortunately, love Shanghai quickly grasping force.


today all repeat included comments page has been deleted, it is found that, Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog also fell from 70+ to now.

concrete shielding method can refer to: 贵族宝贝huizhou Shanghai dragon.Cn/robots.txt

in the 1 of this month, Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog began a gradual recovery, but in 2, Ye Jianhui noticed a problem, a leading Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog is K reason. This problem is the WordPress program comment defect, of course, Ye Jianhui’s other blog program whether has the defects in the WordPress program, is true. There are pictures and the truth:

Hello, I am Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui, Huizhou is the Shanghai dragon blog, today to share with you the Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog is where the experience and reasons of plucking in some time ago. Well, this is no longer enough.

for Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog, after 7.13, but that did not appear to be K, but also updated, included also rose. However, it included a sudden decrease in good times don’t last long, 7.15 to 7.16 sites, is a direct pull hair. Here, what is the reason? Huizhou Shanghai dragon but Ye Jianhui should be analyzed thoroughly, or that did not pay attention to the details, which leads to this problem. However, this is why? In the early days of Ye Jianhui thought is submitted to the soft.



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