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Love from Shanghai home changes to talk about how to enhance the user experience

three changes: massive resources as you add


two changes: personalized navigation

love Shanghai, for our Chinese most users are not unfamiliar, if you encounter what do not know, a lot of people will tell you "love Shanghai". Above a Shanghai love logo, love Shanghai following a search box of love Shanghai home, the home with us how many years. But in this year, love Shanghai on its home page is constantly adjusted, careful users will find such changes. The crazy love for you will send love listed Shanghai home what changes, its change can bring what kind of user experience.

personalized navigation, can easily add common URL to the home page; without direct access to search, classification, sorting; free navigation site; you can call the shots.

understanding of the latest, know the latest Internet hot wind vane, hot news, panoramic view of the controversial topic.

four changes: Realtime

comments: this page is the change from the user perspective, record the user’s browsing habits, allowing users to a greater extent depends on her, but not like before home as a single, just search, only when the user needs to search only to remember her.

mass quality Internet resources to catch fast; enrich your navigation; chase TV, read novels, listen to music and play games; you can always find the love.


comment: can the latest current news quickly understand, let users do not need to enter the portal website can browse the latest hot spot, but also a greater degree so that users can.

"one world" this how to say, in fact, is that when you love you love Shanghai Shanghai account login, listen to the music in love often visit sea ", Post Bar, shopping and so on, will be recorded, this page will record your habits, make yourself more aspects of browsing and entertainment.

changes: love Shanghai new home "one world"

commented: the integration of resources, the Internet is now the most need to do, is to allow users to more convenient internet. So when you add the love of their own resources, just after the open love Shanghai home can browse the web site you need.

comments: This is to allow users to rely on, the user is generally lazy, when love Shanghai with these, users do not need other web site navigation can complete their online surfing. To a large extent allows users to have a love of Shanghai not to give up, come in 360 search time, short board love Shanghai soon emerged – without their own client.



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