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The search engine spiders is the enemy of God, or pigs as teammates


The explosive growth of the Internet

: you are a spider warm boiled frog to pit teammates

the Internet is to refresh the age, saying there is no fear of God, the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates. Most of the time, for our Shanghai dragon people, the search engine giant spiders, whether the enemy is a friend, God is still a pig, jumped out of an idea that occasionally. May also contact Shanghai Longfeng decades you can also feel that only touched the hand, seems to be in control, what, we explore the Shanghai dragon road, bridge in the dark. So what, this spider is

2, Shanghai dragon training class: Master self discipline person!!!


1, a friend said, Shanghai dragon is very simple, is it


, the enemy is a friend?

: Shanghai dragon is the enemy is a friend?? should I face you with what attitude?

, will undoubtedly increase the market for Shanghai dragon just need talent. From the beginning of 2012, various types of >

Shanghai Longfeng, never thought what speculation. It can be made to see opportunistic shadow, however, always can only stay in the optimization of the surface, for this type of person, the search engine spiders undoubtedly serve as a pig teammates role, boiled frog trap with warm water, fuck a teammate. Only take patience, can be called a real dragon Shanghai, Shanghai dragon has never been a short time, the entire development process of enterprises throughout the site.

climb the telescope, like reading, always read too many books, will increasingly feel small, said Shanghai Longfeng simple friends believe are relatively young, even the most basic of Shanghai dragon haven’t mastered, might have done some heat low word competition is not so fierce, almost no people have no difficulty to optimize the long tail keywords on the front page, he thought he mastered the dynamic of the spider. I’ve seen a lot of this type of people, more love is love to play some hearsay insert edge ball, that no matter the black hat white hat optimization to the home page is a good hat, perhaps, stacking a large number of black chain, may generate a large amount of garbage outside the chain of tools group, or the brush ranking tool and so on. This should be considered as a random behavior. The advances in science and technology, plug side of the ball never landed in good taste, the spider behind the invisible hand quietly took the time, the original home page ranking, naturally flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. A little bit of time flies, waiting for the endless miracle without fruit, slowly, you will be hit, why others would think that 3 months will be able to how, and I was still in the first half of the first month of the state. Shanghai dragon began to dim really simple, began to dim Shanghai dragon in the end, what kind of things, all kinds of questions began to come to mind, ask yourself a utterly ignorant of.


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