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How to do the basic construction of love put in front of the Shanghai auction

for infrastructure construction, large companies naturally have more advantages than small companies, after all, to do the above points are to spend money. For SEMer, in the analysis of daily put in effect, will also need.

consulting tool matching. For the love of Shanghai promotion, consultation tools are not support online consultation, more is to bear data analysis and statistical consulting the antecedents of burden.

2. browser compatibility. The test site is not only the compatibility of the design and process of things. If you love Shanghai for landing page appears misplaced in a browser, the basic contents can display, conversion effect as can be imagined.

is unable to statistics to the antecedents and the corresponding keywords consultation, landing page, then a lot of adjustment will be no basis at all.

, of course, many little large-scale infrastructure company, Shanghai auction this piece of love, do not too good.


love Shanghai have their own love and love Shanghai business statistics Shanghai bridge, but the test results of the two tools, really dare not flattery. The medical industry, may be equipped with standard CNZZ+ business.

5. professional personnel. Put love Shanghai auction, can not expect to give you love Shanghai customer service account maintenance. A customer is very busy, the two is the customer service performance pressure. The reason for this, I think we all know.


besides, problems still need to solve the mobile terminal consulting, data statistics etc.. In this respect, love the sea is to do a lot of preparation, see "the breakdown of related products like Shanghai mobile devices promotion".

1. website. At this point, I was a pain of cutting one’s body: Web server Gesanchawu flameout, stop account is if we encounter a homely food, phoenix nest system ventilation, watched the budget for naught.

in short, has a good bidding specialist, will be able to save most of the budgets for you.

The stability of 3.

based self auction network Xiaobian mentioned here, including the following aspects:

The construction of

4. mobile site. The mobile device is put on the recent hot topic, love Shanghai phoenix nest system is also accelerating mobile marketing efforts, with mobile phone station will be equipped with love Shanghai bidding on standard.

and the more low-end browser, more careful testing, not everyone with IE7 and firefox.

movie "let the bullets fly" inside the soup touts there is such a sentence: "I think that wine and a bite to drink, way to go step by step, go far too large, egg will be pulled". For many small companies, if the infrastructure is not perfect, blindly put love Shanghai auction, it was a nonsense.


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