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Let the website become the website development accelerator


as a webmaster, will inevitably encounter the website, sometimes need to change domain name, sometimes need to change the template, sometimes need to change program in server and so on, but also a problem occurs, a website has been a big change, the search engine will be how to react to it if? The website of some of the problems of the comprehensive consideration, then Everything will be fine., if some details are not taken into account, light punishment, while the K station, believing that it is not every webmaster like to see, here, little love song for you talk about how to deal with the website.

URL specificationAfter the

fourth, standard

fifth, can be increased to avoid modifying


compared to URL, another point is the need to pay attention to the place, it is the site of the title, some websites, especially business station even more, the station is only one the same title seriously affect the user experience, the search engine is not friendly, if this kind of situation appeared after revision, is very bad. Each piece of content, the best and only an independent title.

for a web site, add in >

website is 301 of magic, love Shanghai and Google officials have pointed out that this technique can keep the weight using the site as much as possible time to replace the domain name in the site, since the user can have a very good experience, when users visit the old content, can guide users to the new site. Secondly, will tell the search engine new website address where convenient transfer weight.


503 application return code

replacement program in the website or server, there will inevitably be unable to access the site of occurrence, this time if the site is available on the Internet, it is very unwise, if the user access could not open the web site is a very bad situation, if at this time, the search engine spiders just visit your site, it will return 404 status code, if this situation occurred many times, easily appear on the website is k, 503 this code can be a good solution to this problem, 503 can tell love sea spiders, this site is temporarily unavailable, please come back some time.


website, a change is the biggest problem in the website of URL, if the URL site after revision has changed, the same content with the new URL, you will need 301 old content to the new URL, don’t let website does not regulate the URL phenomenon, a number of URL corresponding to one or more URL content, corresponding to a content, remember, a corresponding web page content can only be the one and only URL, either static or dynamic.

first, the application of


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