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Female breasts or asymmetric scoliosis ‘s health network


, a hospital for more than twenty thousand primary and secondary school students in Nanjing survey, the results show that the incidence of scoliosis is about 2%. In this way, 640 thousand of the students in Nanjing, there are more than 10 thousand children abnormal spine growth.

"scoliosis is particularly ‘favored’ adolescent girls, men and women incidence ratio of about 1:8." Qiu Yong said that the disease, heavy female light men, mainly related to estrogen receptor genes.

scoliosis has nothing to do with sitting posture and schoolbag weight, mainly determined by gene

public opinion generally believes that scoliosis with the students to learn too much pressure, the bag is too heavy, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Doctors, a large number of clinical studies found that spinal deformity is mainly determined by genes, and sitting posture, schoolbag weight does not matter. The bag is too heavy, for example, more than 6 kg, will only increase the development of scoliosis, but the removal of these does not prevent the occurrence of the disease." He said.

is reported that at present the world to find 10 high risk genes for scoliosis, which is found in Nanjing Gulou Hospital, which is due to the hospital’s accumulated more than 5000 cases of patients with gene pool data. Scoliosis can not be prevented, through the positioning of susceptible genes to identify high-risk groups, early detection and early treatment is the best way." The doctor said, finger blood or scrape a little oral mucosa for testing, we can find whether to carry a spinal deformity susceptibility genes, facilitate early detection and timely intervention.

was a girl in high risk breast asymmetry is a clear signal of

experts, within 20 degrees of scoliosis can be corrected by wearing orthosis, about 70% of patients can be treated by standardized non surgical intervention.

according to the phenomenon of scoliosis girls more than boys, the study found that patients with idiopathic scoliosis patients with thin body, low bone density and low leptin concentration in vivo and other characteristics. "If the girls develop earlier, early menstruation, thin body, to guard against possible scoliosis." The doctor said, breast development obvious asymmetry is also an obvious signal, if the left and right breast breast lordosis on the left than the right side of the breast, breast, it may not be a simple breast development problem. Clinically, the child is often found early, but parents are not serious, resulting in delayed treatment.


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