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Google’s new PR algorithm new interpretation of PR from 0 to 5 in just 8 months

Chinese is world famous, is the same as in Shanghai Longfeng area. At present, the PR value of the influence of the website may have been small, but still widely used as a user of one of the evaluation criteria of the quality of a website. How is that through hard work and efforts to improve their own website PR, if there are some good methods and shortcut? According to a new website operation as an example, the PR value from 0 to 5, in August, to see how it is done, can give is to promote PR, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix friends some inspiration.

PR algorithm: new interpretation of PR from 0 to 5 in just 8 months

With hard work

Google’s new The



business network, as business portal, online time is March 28, 2013, domain name registration is not new, but the domain name is no longer the normal operation, the major search engines are not included, the PR value is 0. In the December 6, 2013 update, we are surprised to find that the PR value of www.cy580贵族宝贝 has been updated to 5, is the baby has included 828000 pages, which of course during the operation.

PR value, namely PageRank, "the level of technology. From the noble baby founder Larry Page, it is a noble baby ranking algorithm (ranking formula) part, used to identify the page level / importance. Level from 0 to 10 levels, 10 level full marks. The higher the PR value that the web page more popular (more important). For example: a website of the PR value of 1 indicates that this site is not very popular, and the PR value for 7 to 10 indicates that this site is very popular (or very important). Who Chinese baby to station than English station will be the PR value of relatively low, such as: Sina, Phoenix and other portals of the PR value is 8, basically there is no PR value for 10, so the relative Chinese station, the PR value is greater than or equal to 4 is relatively good standing.

Google PR value finally updated in December 6, 2013! How many webmaster and network optimization specialist waiting for nearly 10 months after seeing Google update, remember this year for the first time updated in February 26, 2013, based on past experience, many people speculated that may be updated in 5, June, to the end of June did not update have to check every day, two days before the baby until noble did second times this year, the PR value of the update, this point, even if the star enterprises such as Google, a lot of work will continue to improve, not the same level, judging from the experience that things are a kind of wealth, will fall into a don’t mistake, make a decision on things, to summarize the practice, can be more close to the truth.

website for more than 16 years, has experienced many different types of different stages of the website, the Google PR value of the update, there are still some experiences, the author summed up some discussion and share with readers.


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