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Shanghai dragon we still need to do is to do the elite network of migrant workers

Shanghai Longfeng the advantages and charm, it is able to pass the popular search engine to bring you the customer, but also bring by Shanghai Longfeng customers, users of the goal is very clear, the search target is very clear, we attract users to our website by Shanghai dragon, and the use of the site the viscosity to retain customers, and ultimately achieve our purpose, this process is complete, this is the Shanghai Dragon Charm, but also mass advertising, advertising popups, CPS and other marketing methods in no way than, compared to bulk SMS, pop, CPS and other marketing methods, a lot of keywords and data of Shanghai dragon it is very accurate and controllable, as a real Shanghai dragon, you passed on the search engines like to do for a long time, the For each keyword, you will know the key to how to do it, how long can achieve the effect of investment will be much, can bring much harvest, this is the Shanghai dragon advantages and charm

, the first to understand the advantages and charm of Shanghai dragon

a lot of friends of Shanghai Longfeng do very hard, the ranking is also very good, but the boss is often not satisfied, do not recognize, why? Very simple is that what you do is bring the effect of Shanghai dragon boss expected results, cite a simple example, we do Shanghai Dragon Phoenix inertial thinking is what keywords we how do the ranking, the website included the number, the number of daily traffic increased, but simply to think about, if you are the boss, you are concerned about these things? NO! The boss cares about is always the performance, that is to say to Shanghai dragon service performance, and not for ranking service no, ranking up, performance improvement, the Shanghai dragon ER, if you are the boss of the company, is willing to give him a raise, he was willing to keep looking for.


first, as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, to give yourself a very clear positioning, what is the advantage of Shanghai dragon, you can create much value through the Shanghai dragon, you should get to pay from the creation of the value is only fair, now a lot of so-called Shanghai Longfeng job is to send spam the link group links, acquisition, pseudo original, think that this is the Shanghai dragon, so I want to tell you that you do this for a lifetime, and never is a network of migrant workers, not much of a way out.

in recent years, with the Shanghai dragon industry has been more and more attention to the enterprise, Shanghai dragon industry has become more and more popular, this is a very gratifying thing, however, the overall development of the current situation, many people regard themselves as the network of migrant workers, even as migrant workers, because of a Shanghai a dragon month money may be better than a migrant workers earn a month more, so the Shanghai dragon is very sad, so what is the true Shanghai dragon? Or that we really need to do is to do network of migrant workers in Shanghai dragon or

second, understand what is the core purpose of Shanghai dragon


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