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Taobao parts catalog ban love Shanghai spiders in Shanghai Longfeng opportunity

open part of the directory to the search engine, what is the opportunity for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners? Guard Yuan Kun think there might be two simple note.

in recent days bidding adjustment, Taobao part of the lifting of the ban to come today, for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners may have some positive. But really want to do the Shanghai dragon, guard Yuan Kun or recommendations to improve their thinking, accumulation of Shanghai dragon industry resources and repeated to Shanghai Dragon Foundation, >

if Taobao lifted some directory, it means that the Shanghai personnel may use this dragon Taobao high weight website do some keyword ranking? After all, Taobao’s website weight is very high, very obvious advantages.

if Taobao really open the store directory, then for businesses especially some brand owners, in order to prevent the Taobao shop home page traffic loss, will certainly pay attention to your Taobao Tmall store. Other platforms may reduce the intensity in the business, traffic will be affected.

really so? Guard Yuan Kun carefully read several directory Taobao open, found that several directories are basically considered chicken ribs, whether open to the love of spiders in Shanghai not what meaning, but also put a few Taobao directory is open to Google and Bing.

the most popular in the industry adjustment, many of my friends pointed out that there are only three or four auction page. After the adjustment of the number of bidding you see is the love novels of Shanghai, also cannot read the stories of Post Bar can access. The guardian today Yuan Kun see home owners issued by micro-blog in micro-blog, Taobao Department of love Shanghai spiders open directory. This series of events for the Shanghai dragon practitioners see like dawn.


, a part of Taobao Tmall

brand value?


two, the possibility of using Taobao



Is the number of the two day Shanghai auction

open taobao贵族宝贝 Robots protocol (Robots protocol to love what is Shanghai a brain supplement knowledge, we see) part of the directory on taobao贵族宝贝 to understand the forbidden love Shanghai.

for the love of Shanghai novels, I believe Shanghai Longfeng personnel concerned less, have a certain impact Post Bar fiction, but related industry is relatively small, we are not too concerned about. Bid for related issues, I believe there are already many friends have expressed their views, the guardian Yuan Kun no longer repeated here, we look at the Taobao Department directory ban love Shanghai spider problem.

whether Taobao or QQ space, such as WeChat, because of its large user, stable flow, no need to get traffic from love Shanghai, even if the open will cause loss of flow. Even if the latter part of the open, I believe they are mostly chicken ribs, not much use.


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