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Some beginners need to check in the bidding optimization in the account


3, on the area and time is correct


2, its own brand word whether it is someone else to buy

, 1 links to promote the normal open


to buy rival brands has been commonly used method for bidding extension word, the final effect can also be, it has been affected by many popular optimization division. And for the novice might do not know this, nature will not go to check whether the word is to seize their own brand, it will lead to the overall conversion cost is high, especially in your brand has enough influence situation, with particular attention to this.

is popular event specific influence account whether

as a pre auction novice, there will be problems in the optimization of every kind of account, even though some buddy learning for a long time, for a new account or do not know how to start. While others know how to operate, but there will be problems and can not find the reason of the situation, this is actually quite normal, because early may bid for the idea, the system is not very understanding, there will be no encountered problems, naturally do not know how to solve. In this case, it is necessary to say that the lighthouse operation as a novice in some special optimization accounts need to be checked, even if it is normal optimization experience, will ignore these points and the influence of operating accounts, hope to see the contents of the lighthouse, when your account has a problem can consider whether is one of the point of your account.

5, if there is malicious click

on the area and time actually has some relationship with your product positioning, if you are only suitable for the local purchase of this is the need to pay attention to the set, and if your product is not limited to the country itself area, time is not limited, that this is not a concern for. On the contrary, if your product is a local characteristics, and the time is also provided, and that this is in the promotion before opening to check.


price promotion is to show ads on search keywords, if you just buy keywords and hot events in society are similar, that when the user search keywords features may trigger the keywords you buy, resulting in a large number of the invalid clicks, so if you could have the characteristics of industry promotion events this is also the need to pay attention to.

links can be said to be one of the most important elements in the account, link error equal to the entire account paralysis, again good structure, and then accurate keywords are the clouds, so every day we need to open the check before the next advertising promotion link is not normally open, and arrived at the site was very low when the first time, also need to check whether the error caused by the promotion link.

malicious clicks can be said of this you need a commonplace talk of an old scholar, have enough understanding of the malicious click >


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